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  • Full regular training given, help and dedicated support to completing the taxi driver knowledge course and obtaining the badge.
  • As soon as you enrol you will become a part of our team.
  • We are interested in developing people who already possess skills within the employment market in various sectors which will add value to our Company and enhance the customer service experience all-in-all.
  • Drivers will have a peace of mind and not be under financial pressure to achieve target money to cover high expensive rent, maintenance and insurance as we supply vehicles already licensed; we will also supply equipment for which we will give training on.
  • All our vehicles have CCTV for front and back with voice recording.
  • We can monitor and track the exact whereabouts of every driver so you are never left alone though you are in your vehicle and you could be anywhere in the country. We will always be with you to make sure the customer service experience is one of reliability and punctuality.
  • Drivers generally will receive a minimum fixed number of hours and all drivers are self employed so they may choose their working hours and agree them with us. This will allow lots of flexibility for them and make sure that we have coverage for our ever-increasing call numbers.
  • As a driver not one day will be identical to another though you will be usually in the same vehicle but it may vary. This will give you experience on the roads of a type not similar to any other. After a certain amount of time drivers will acknowledge our Company ethos to be conscious of our environment by turning off engines at certain places. Some of our vehicles have the start/stop technology and some are hybrid, this will slowly be phased out by electric vehicles, thus allowing us to be playing our role in creating a better environment for the future.
  • As a taxi Company we work as a team and drivers will be expected to carry out routine inspections and also maintain the cleanliness of all vehicles and present them to customers at a very high standard.
  • Our goal is not to be the biggest Company; our aim is to be the best at what we do.
  • With this in mind, we play an active role in our local community and are involved in sponsorships and events and have a close relationship with other businesses such as hotels, restaurants and other public venues.
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    To become a Private Hire Driver with our Company you will need to obtain a taxi driver licence issued by Warrington Borough Council. In order to attain a taxi badge you will need to complete the following application requirements:

  • Provide evidence of the right to work in the UK
  • Provide a Certificate of good conduct if you arrived in the UK after the age of 14
  • Complete a DBS check and have it cleared by Licensing
  • Pass a Communication test - this is taken by a Licensing officer at your initial appointment with them to test your understanding of the English language. You will be assessed through an informal discussion about the application process, multiple choice questions, and a reading and basic writing test.
  • Pass a Knowledge test – this will test your knowledge and understanding of Warrington and surrounding areas as well as the Highway Code, Taxi Legislation and Disability Awareness.
  • Complete a CSE course undertaken by Warrington Licensing
  • Complete a DVLA Group 2 Medical
  • Pass a driving test
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Yes, you must be over 18 years of age.

It does not matter if you do not yet have a taxi badge. The right candidates will receive full dedicated training and support with course materials to aim for a first time pass to obtain the taxi badge.

You need to have held a full driving licence for 12 months. Anyone with a EC/EEA driver licence can apply; however the licence must be replaced with a full UK DVLA licence before your taxi badge will be issued.

Warrington Taxi Licensing will not accept any other DBS. Every candidate will require an enhanced DBS check which will be completed by a Warrington Borough Council Licensing Officer.

You are not required to have your own vehicle. We will supply you with a licensed vehicle to carry out pre-booked private hire journeys provided by us.

You are not required to obtain your own insurance as the vehicle will be covered by our Company fleet policy for our drivers to carry out pre-booked private hire journeys supplied by our Company.

The Company will pay for the fuel to carry out any pre-booked private hire journeys supplied by our Company.

Payment is made upon submission of an invoice. Invoices, submission procedure and payment terms will be discussed in the first initial meeting period with those who are successful.

In most cases full-time drivers will take a vehicle home depending on where they live; the nature of their commute to and from work will be discussed in the initial meeting.

All costs for maintenance, repair and service is taken care of by our Company; however, it is the responsibility of every individual driver to pre-check and ensure the vehicle, including its tyres and bulbs, is roadworthy. This will be further discussed on commencement of your journey with us should you be a successful candidate.

Each individual has a different ability and different circumstances. (We have had candidates obtain a badge within four weeks from the beginning of the initial application process and we have had some candidates who have other commitments take up to twelve weeks.)

Your badge is owned by Warrington Borough Council and is only available for use by you. It is therefore your personal cost. Potential candidates can discuss this further in the initial meeting if successful.

Warrington Borough Council Licensing Team will only accept a Group 2 Medical form from your own GP or Occupational Health Department of the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust, Hollins Park.

Yes and we will provide you with the relevant link to the Council’s nominated test provider.

We will provide you with the relevant course material and timescales to complete them. Once all modules are covered we will commence revision and advise you when to book the test.

Potential service providing drivers will be guaranteed work which will be determined by individual circumstances and dependent upon performance and reliability which will be monitored on an ongoing basis.


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