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Become a part-time or full-time driver and enjoy a huge amount of flexibility in your life. The one very attractive thing about being a taxi driver in our firm is that we care about making sure the people that have joined us are able to enjoy their lives as well fully.

We tailor hours to suit part-time and full-time staff. This mutual compromise sets people to enjoy time with their family as well as work commitments.
The initial income is very attractive and the dedicated team members constantly supporting drivers achieving addresses and locations on time is part of our success and we invite people with similar high standards to be part of our team.

All part-time and full-time drivers will be given classroom and online training. The training is dedicated to obtaining a joint driver’s licence which will allow you to drive any public hire or private hire taxi or booking only vehicle within the Borough of Warrington and it will be a skill that trainees will grasp and keep for life. Drivers will become trained in specific routes and route planning and will be trained to develop a high standard of geographical knowledge of the Borough of Warrington. Drivers will become experienced to navigate the North West easily as our airport transfers are varied from across the country.
Part of our ongoing success is the value given to every member of our team individually and we love to recognise our team members for their efforts. This is a great opportunity for drivers in many ways and a fantastic chance for people to network.
You will meet different people from different walks of life from different parts of the World and you will truly experience moments that you would not do in any other industry. It will more than likely develop your communication skills and confidence to such a degree that you will realise after a while it is so easy to break the ice with anybody from any part of the World and discuss things that you may share in common even if there is a language barrier, this is the beauty of working with international clients.

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