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The Best Team Players

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First 10 drivers to join:
Drive With Us for only £50 a week settle*

  • Zero Commission
  • Zero Booking Fees
  • Come, see and feel what it’s like to be a part of the Arrivals Star Team

The offer will continue for 1 year as long as you do not join another firm or take a break for more than 14 consecutive days.

Settle and Track Options

Receive very good rates with an equal job distribution system 24 hours a day.

Option 1

  • £100 a week
  • Zero Commission
  • Zero Booking Fees

Option 2

  • £10 a week
  • 15% Commission
  • Zero Booking Fees

Option 3

  • Rent a car, MPV or minibus at £170 a week
  • Drive with us for £10 a week plus 12.5% Commission
  • Zero Booking Fees

Your Trust And Convenience Are Our Top Priority

The first 10 drivers promotion also applies to drivers who rent a vehicle from Arrivals Star – enjoy your first 2 weeks at £170 a weekly vehicle rental and only £50 a week settle, Zero Commission, Zero Bookings Fees

Each option works on a weekly basis and you may select a different option at any time. Simply send an e-mail to by Friday 15.00 and the option selected will be applied the following Monday.