Our drivers keep our customers moving,
we make sure their best interest is kept
in mind

Driving Favourites

Want flexibility, need a routine, want to work days only, want to work nights only, want to just do a bit at the weekend?

You have every option with a dedicated team to support you through every moment of the day.

Fast Delivery

The Driver Android and Apple App: simple, user friendly, no extra equipment, just your phone.

Weekly Statements

Fully itemised invoicing with transparency, assurance, regularity and cash-free transactions.


Drive a modern vehicle that we maintain, rent a car from us from just £160 a week.


Regular training to improve customer service skills, increasing your earning potential – results are amazing.


Continuous technological improvement, seeking better results for you, increasing your earnings.

At Your Side

24 hour operators here to support you throughout the week and have your interests in mind always.


Obtain a Warrington Taxi badge with our online training app

Our recruitment and coaching team have built an online automated training portal for the taxi knowledge test. Work at your own pace, in your own environment, gain a full, thorough knowledge of the area to start you feeling confident on a busy circuit.

What you need to get started

To drive with us by your side you will need to obtain a taxi driver license issued by Warrington Borough Council. Their tests and checks include:

  • DBS check
  • Medical check
  • Communication, knowledge & CSE course
  • Practical driving test
Flexible hours

Owner drivers have access to a peace of mind, flexibility
and more possibilities.






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Frequently Asked Questions

See below our FAQs about Becoming an Arrivals Star Driver

Yes, you must be over 18 years of age.

It does not matter if you do not yet have a taxi badge. The right candidates will receive full dedicated training and support with course materials to aim for a first time pass to obtain the taxi badge.

You need to have held a full driving licence for 12 months. Anyone with a EC/EEA driver licence can apply; however the licence must be replaced with a full UK DVLA licence before your taxi badge will be issued.

Warrington Taxi Licensing will not accept any other DBS. Every candidate will require an enhanced DBS check which will be completed by a Warrington Borough Council Licensing Officer.

You are not required to have your own vehicle. We will supply you with a licensed vehicle to carry out pre-booked private hire journeys provided by us.

You are not required to obtain your own insurance as the vehicle will be covered by our Company fleet policy for our drivers to carry out pre-booked private hire journeys supplied by our Company.

Yes and we will provide you with the relevant link to the Council’s nominated test provider.

In most cases full-time drivers will take a vehicle home depending on where they live; the nature of their commute to and from work will be discussed in the initial meeting.

All costs for maintenance, repair, and service are taken care of by our Company; however, it is the responsibility of every individual driver to pre-check and ensure the vehicle, including its tyres and bulbs, is roadworthy. This will be further discussed at the commencement of your journey with us should you be a successful candidate.

Each individual has a different ability and different circumstances. (We have had candidates obtain a badge within four weeks from the beginning of the initial application process and we have had some candidates who have other commitments take up to twelve weeks.)

Your badge is owned by Warrington Borough Council and is only available for use by you. It is therefore your personal cost. Potential candidates can discuss this further in the initial meeting if successful.

We will provide you with the relevant course material and timescales to complete them. Once all modules are covered we will commence revision and advise you when to book the test.

Potential service providing drivers will be guaranteed work which will be determined by individual circumstances and dependent upon performance and reliability which will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

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