Welcome to Arrival Stars


1. All journeys with Arrivals Star Ltd must be pre-booked.

2. All telephone calls are recorded and monitored for training and marketing purposes.

3. Arrivals Star Ltd sends texts and/or emails and/or app push notifications to all of our customers informing them of what stage their booking has progressed to and for marketing purposes.

3 a. To opt out of marketing communications please e-mail your contact number and/or e-mail
address to unsubscribe@arrivalsstar.co.uk

3 b. Arrivals Star Ltd reserves the right to refuse a booking or cancel a booking if a valid and
active contact number is not provided.

3 c. Please do not call or text the mobile number(s) from which you receive the booking confirmation message and/or the messages to inform you of what stage your booking has progressed to; the messages are computerised messages and incoming calls/messages are not received on the mobile number(s).

4. Lost property left in Arrivals Star Ltd vehicles will be taken to the police station in Warrington.
Please contact them on 0845 458 6379 main office to collect your lost property.

5. Arrivals Star Ltd quotations given for journey(s) are a rough guide price. A rough guide price for
these purposes is not a guaranteed price and Arrivals Star Ltd will not be liable for approximate
quotations given.

5 b. Any quotation given and agreed as being a fixed price is not subject to alteration unless the
journey has other stoppages, pick-ups, detour(s). This is at the discretion of the driver. A fixed price
will be honoured and is guaranteed unless otherwise extended, altered and manipulated in a way to
wholly change the nature of the initial agreement.

5 c. The quotation you are given is based upon the shortest route. If you instruct the driver to take
any other route other than the shortest route the driver will require payment of the figure that is on
the meter.

6. Any delays which are as a result of roadworks, accidents, breakdowns, weather and traffic conditions or any unforeseen circumstances, which affect the time of your journey will not be forfeited by the means of any such compensation by Arrivals Star Ltd. Arrivals Star Ltd takes pride in achieving our mission which is to satisfy your transportation requirement fully and will make our 100% efforts to achieve your chosen pick-up time. This also applies for bookings made well in advance.

7. Where a cancellation is made by customers Arrivals Star Ltd reserves the right to cancellation fee
only if the driver has arrived or is ‘close’ to arriving to the pick-up within the time of the booking.

7 a. ‘Close’:- for these purposes will be determined by the distance actually travelled by the driver
and the time already taken up from the driver. This is within the ‘discretion’ of the driver.

7 b. ‘Discretion’:- for these purposes will be to the detriment of the driver concerned.

8. No responsibilities for costs are to be refunded to any passengers who do not wait for their driver and take alternative transport.

8 a. For the avoidance of doubt, where passengers do not appear for the booking, a cancellation fee shall be charged up to a maximum total of 100% of the quoted booking charge.

9. Statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.

10. Booking confirms acceptance of our full terms and conditions and privacy policy.

11. Should you have any comments or complaints about our service please e-mail us at
manager@arrivalsstar.co.uk or call 01925211211.